Arnew gummy headband

$9.99 USD
This is a Arnew gummy headband. 
it’s tortoise-printed!
You know, if your accessory is too catching an eye, it’s hard to match with your outfit.
But this one is not too much at all looking good with any outfit.

Let’s talk about its practicality.
It is a non-slip stretchable headband.
Look closer! Because the comb is attached right here, it holds your hair tight.
So no matter how active you are, it holds your hair all day long.
And because it’s so fluffy
No matter how long you wear it, it does not give you pain at all.
I use it every time I work out or wash my face!

It sticks on my hair like a gummy.
Because it’s a fluffy texture, it attaches to every shape of heads thoroughly.

When it gets dirty, you can comfortably wash it by water and hang it anywhere~
so easy, right?

Arnew always cares about every single detail of products.
No need to mention the best quality, right?
You can check our brand tag written ‘Arnew’ for the authentication.

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