Silk Cupcake Scrunchie ponytail hoder

$14.99 USD
Color: black

The most comfortable scrunchie for creating a perfect ponytail

This is a silk cupcake scrunchie that Arnew made.
I’ve always had a hard time tying my hair beautifully.
If I just tie my hair with an ordinary elastic tie, my hair doesn’t look voluminous at all.
And if I tie it twice, it’s not strong enough to hold my hair and also looks messy.
tie it three times, it doesn’t look good at all.
That's why I finally made this unique expandable scrunchie. so easy to use!

Okay, so let me tell you a quick hairdo with it.
Because an expandable holding comb is attached,
all you have to do is just to expand,insert your hair,and squeeze.
That’s it. So simple~

How gorgeous is this pony~
With this silk cupcake scrunchie, you can create any awesome hairstyles in just 30 seconds.

*Made In Korea

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