Stopper hair hoder claw clips

$12.00 USD
Color: black

Primally invented from Arnew.

Arnew had been researching how to enhance the fixation of the existing retractable hair holders.
After tons of designing trials, Arnew came up with the idea of adding a stopper to the holder!
Then finally we got this retractable hair holder with a stopper that holds hair all day long.

Double-fixation power.
First, a retractable hair holder holds your hair. Next, the stopper holds your hair one more time!
All you have to do is just squeeze and pull!

Enjoy creating updo hair, ponytail, half up and half down hair with this hair holder.

To hide the stopper, pull it down below your hair.

For the strong fixation, make sure to push the stopper while pulling it.

*Made In Korea

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